Continuing Airworthiness Management

• Develop and organize aircraft maintenance

• Coordinate and track scheduled line maintenance

• Monitor and record the AD and SB

• Ensure compliance with current regulations

• Manage and develop all technical documents

Administration, Support, Expertise

Provide expertise on a plane that you would like to buy or sell:

• Pre-buy inspection:

– Review of documentation

– Physical examination

• Transfer of registration

Assist you in the:

• Preparation of necessary documents for the aircraft operation

• Administrative procedures


• RVSM application



Airworthiness Review Certificate

• Physical audit of aircraft

• ARC based recommendation to the authorities (Privilege I)

• Constitute ARC dossiers for authorities outside of EASA

• C of A renewal for aircraft:

– Under contract within our company

– For free of contract customers

– For commercial operators

Certification / Rating

CAMO Air Support is certified EASA Part M G+I (FR.MG.409) and works in constant contact with the following authorities:


– CAACI Cayman

– BCAA Belgium

– BDCA Bermuda

– Ghana

– DAC Morocco


– FOCA Switzerland


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