Surveillance Aircraft

Having developed over 800 STC on different aircraft models, BCA, Hawker Beechcraft Service Center has developed a special missions department, to provide the integration of complex systems dedicated to maritime surveillance, search and rescue, different types of tasks that meet the needs of its civilian and military customers.

BCA is now proud to offer a complete solution for integrating mission systems on Beechcraft King Air Series, including a range of different equipment such as, fixed or retractable electro-optical systems, search radars, consoles display for operators…

Depending on your needs, the appropriate options can be integrated into your Beechcraft, such as “Bubble windows “, drop hatch system, improved data links intercommunication systems …

Solutions and options are available for various aircraft that the BCA team incorporates according to your needs.

Do not hesitate to choose an effective tool for your operations, BCA has the solution.

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