LED inside your KING AIR

Renovate your KING AIR with LED lighting;

BCA offers installation of LED lighting kit for the interior of your King Air.

This innovative technology product already FAA certified for King Air 350 can reduce the weight of your electrical installation; reduce power consumption while increasing the life and reliability of the lighting system. This LED lighting solution is adjustable depending on the housing shape dedicated to lighting and replace the old from fluorescent system while maintaining the characteristics of light intensity. This system currently available for Beech 350 is EASA certified and will be available in a few weeks for models 200/100 and 90.

The advantages of LED system:
– Durability and improved system reliability
– Connects to the strands of existing wiring and keeps origins on/ off switches.
– Weight reduction of 46% lighting sets.
– 30% reduction of power consumption.
– 40% reduction of operating temperatures.
– Reduced EMI emissions .

Do not hesitate to contact us, we offer the full integration of this new lighting system.