Major Retrofit Proline 21 on KING AIR 200

As a part of its partnership with Rockwell Collins and a new contract, BCA launched a series of several major Proline 21 retrofits on King Air 200 within its facilities. After a thorough study to adapt the STC Proline21 on these aircrafts, set up with the latest generation of tools and a specialized team, BCA is now able to design, in both numerical and physical way, all the wiring and equipment associated with the Proline 21 system and its complete integration on aircraft.

Thanks to these new modifications, the most comprehensive and professional avionics suite fitted to the majority of business jets and the latest Beechcraft -Textron is now proposed by BCA in France as a retrofit for old generation King Air 200. This system, a true standard of Aeronautics industry developed and marketed by Rockwell Collins, whose effectiveness has been proven, is already installed in over 5000 aircraft cockpits on the market for business aviation and commercial, a figure that remains constantly increasing. With a fully upgradeable Avionics, Proline 21 evolves according to new standards Aviation regulations still offering advanced features to meet the latest requirements.

The integration of a Proline 21 in your KING AIR will not only provide technical improvements, but also a modern interface that will place it at the current standards, improving ergonomics and flight capabilities, but also its payload a considerable reduction in weight over 45 kg compared to an older generation avionics.

The retrofit also has the major goal of improving the reliability of the AIR KING by eliminating wiring problems (broken shield, corrosion, crimps) … these being completely replaced by new ones. This work will allow, among others benefits, to perform a complete control of the areas surrounding the wire routings.

This installation includes large format LCD screens (8 x 10) for displaying information improving understanding. Flight data, graphical weather, GPWS, TCAS, storm cell detection, motors information, location of airports and much more are available at the touch of a button.

The package includes typical retrofit Proline 21:
– Three screens LCD 8 x 10 inches with advanced graphics
– ADI Presentation
– System engine indication (EIS) on PFD or MFD
– All digital radios CNS double Comm / Nav
– Dual Transponders
– Simple EMR
– Flight management system with GPS WAAS
– Digital Flight Control System coupled VNAV
– Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)
– Dual channel radio altimeter
– Dual AHRS
– Dual air data systems (according RVSM)
– Radar with turbulence detection
– Maintenance diagnostic system
– DBU-5010E USB data charger with Ethernet interface
– Five-year warranty

Package Options major retrofit Pro Line 21:
– Second FMS
– Second DME
– Second NAV-4000
– TCAS 4000
– HF-9000 single or dual radios
– Data link system
– XM Weather (CONUS only) or Universal weather
– NTSC Video on MFD
– Ascend Information Manager Server
– Search and Rescue (SAR) FMS