Complete renovation and innovations Beech 200

BCA presents his last delivery, a King Air 200 BB-1006 model fully refurbished and modernized. This aircraft arrived with no potential, restarts today for great years by equipping themselves with what is best in terms of innovation for the King Air range, starting with two new PT- 6 A61 from Blackhawk replacing the original PT -6 turbines. The engines are equipped with Frakes exhaust kit which not only provide an aesthetic touch, but allow especially avoiding dirt on the nacelles.

For convenience, we have equipped the aircraft wings with Raisbeck crown wing lockers, offering payload of 135 kg per box and half a cubic meter. Several pairs of skis or two golf bags can be stocked. These chests that envelop the upper wing bring a touch of modernity and ergonomics. The latest models of BLR winglets were also installed wing tip which gives it a sleeker look and improved aerodynamics.

Inside the cabin , there is now a wifi system that allows both the media streaming on iPad or smartphone and a 10-inch screen capable of driving entertainment equipment and displaying the airshow moving map, all managed by a single case developed by Vision Systems. A Satcom antenna was also installed and connected to the internal wireless network device to allow the use of the Internet and satellite communications.

To get the most entertainment, comfort and design of the cabin were completely reworked. It includes a two-seater sofa, a single seat and four seats in club configuration, two new furniture offering storage spaces and a bar cabinet that houses a coffee machine. The upholstery is of course completely new and trim dressed in leather and alcantara cover a soundproofing kit to reduce the sound of the engines.

The cockpit is not left as it has been fully modernized with a Garmin G1000 avionics suite characterized by its three display screens for EFIS.

Most changes (engines, winglets, aerodynamic equipment, etc. ) are covered by extensions Certification (STC) from the various suppliers. BCA has developed its own STC, including interior fittings such as new tables with removable arms supporting the iPad or various furniture.

Finally, starting from one cell to $ 500,000, the buyer gets a King Air 200 whose performance approach, is above those of the model 250 for an half price.

List of Changes available from BCA:

– Engines PT6 – A61 Blackhawk
– Garmin G1000 Avionics
– System 220 V supply
– Entertainment and moving map system with Wifi iPad and 10”screen
– System satellite communications (Satcom)
– BLR Winglets
– Crown Wing Lockers Raisbeck
– Kit exhausts Frakes
– Full upholstery
– New armrest galley
– New cabinet design such as «Vanity»
– New tables

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