Second youth…

“Per Ardua ad Astra”

Veterans also have the right to access new technologies. After years of loyal service in the Royal Air Force to train future fighter pilots and to multiply barrels rolls, sometimes one may end up having their eyesight and memory failing.

This little Bulldog made by Scottish Aviation, although showing those symptoms, nevertheless continues to perform overtime, which gives it the right to get top level avionics, as a deserving retired aircraft.

Therefore it’s not by a visiting an optician, but by visiting BCA that the former military training aircraft gain back the visual acuity of an eagle, by installing an avionic instrument of choice to enhance his performances.

The installation carried out in our workshops consists in the integration of a GPSMAP 695 by Garmin on dashboard for improved ergonomics. Equipped with its own antenna, this navigation device allows viewing of your GPS position (WAAS) on different maps (topographic, IFR), terrain vertical profile, navigations waypoints, VOR, NDB, Airports and flight plans; approaches waypoints and site maps (public and private airfield); Airfield detailed maps, METAR and NOTAM in real time … in short, a real sixth sense which allows the improvement of navigation conditions and provides security in case of partial or total loss of the main instruments.

This equipment is of course available for all device types and BCA will ensure the installation.

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