Swept Blade Propellers - BCA performs the first installation in France on Beech C90GTi.

The first installation of new Raisbeck propellers in Europe has just been performed in our workshop. This Beech C90GTi is now super-equipped with many upgrades as well as these new propellers, and offers a good example of what you can get with this kind of improvement, both aesthetically and aerodynamically. So this feature opens new horizons for the owners and users of Beech in Europe that are waiting to be upgraded.

We recall that these propellers are certified FAA and EASA for all range of KING AIR C90GTx, C90GTi, C90GT, C90B, C90A, C90 and E90 and B200.

System Benefits:
– More thrust with less noise
– Measurably improved FAA-Certified performance (with the Raisbeck C90 EPIC
Performance Package)
– Reduced noise and vibration in the cabin
– TBO 4000 Hrs / 6 years

System Technology:
– Larger diameter (96˝)
– 30° Blade Sweep
– Affordable aluminum construction
– Oversized hydraulic power piston for lock-in propeller synchrophasing
– Grease-lubricated hubs to preclude oil leaks
– Manufactured by Hartzell Propeller, Inc.
* Earnings from associated Pack C90 EPIC:

– Increased takeoff (10,500 lbs) and landing (9,700 lbs) weights
– Improved FAA-Certified takeoff and landing field-length performance
– Greater payload/fuel/range capability from shorter runways and high-hot scenarios
– Higher engine operating ITTs for better climb and cruise performance (LJ-1062 and earlier)
– Quieter operations through reduced climb and cruise RPM